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Auto Zone oil clearance

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Hey everyone, I change oil for a couple elderly families in my church and try to help them out on cost so I check for discounted and clearance oil all the time.

I was just at Auto Zone and they had a bunch of oil on sale for $2.00 a quart. From what I remember some of it was Valvoline, Havoline, Castrol and Mobil plus Mobil 1. They also had Mobil 1 Extended Performance 0w-20 for $2.00 a qt.

I know there are many that are on a tight budget and need to save when they can. So I just wanted to pass along to go check out your local Auto Zone and see what they have. If in doubt take it up and have it scanned. I found some that wasn't marked down but scanned for $2.00 a qt.

I just grabbed a quick picture of the Mobil 1.

Again, just trying to help out those that are on a limited budget.

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I remember when I was younger getting free cases of Oil after mailing in the rebate(s)
Yes I remember Murrays Auto always had deals on oil with rebates.
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