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Automatic Headlights

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Hi folks!

Is there a means to adjust the on and off thresholds for the automatic headlights? Trouble is, at early dusk, they'll be turning off and on all the time and it irritates me and could potentially irritate/confuse other drivers. I want to widen it so that having come on, it has to get a LOT brighter before they go off; and having gone off, it has to get a LOT darker before coming on. At the moment the gap between on and off is too tight.

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This would be particularly useful for myself. I live in Canada and they're forced auto headlights. I find I have the same thing happen, they're constantly turning on and off. The sun is up, I have my sun glasses on, but the lights still stay on. I back into a parking spot at work and can barely see the backup camera feed on the screen; I don't feel like constantly adjusting the brightness of the dash lights.

Anyone know of a way to defeat that system? I remember reading somewhere a resistor can be added in line with the light sensor, is this something that can still work with a 2014 Cruze?
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