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I don't want to trash VW, it is no doubt that their diesel engines are good. My coworker has a Jetta TDI and her husband has a Passat TDI with over 200K on each. She's had to dump some money into both for turbo's recently, but I don't have any gripes about that. It is the rest of the car that falls apart. And, VW's DSG transmissions are highly suspect. I'd take an Asian transmission or GM transmission over a VW transmission any day.

I don't race my Cruze, or any other high speed stuff. I got it for the following reasons which so far seems to be very good at:
1. I have a 72 mile round trip commute every day, all highway. Diesel fuel economy is very good.
2. It is quiet. I had a convertible, and after a long day at work I really do appreciate the car being very quiet on the way home. Its a rolling decompression chamber.
3. It is assembled in the US by a US company. I prefer to know that my hard earned money is going to support other hard working Americans. I realize that the engine is made in Germany, designed by the Italians, and the transmission comes from Japan. But I've driven by the Lordstown, OH plant and I know there are hard working people with families building the Cruze.

So it does exactly what it was designed to do, be a quiet, comfortable, fuel efficient, car.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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