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I purchased these floor mats in October for the first full winter with my Cruze. It seemed they would be a good floor mat that looked a little sharper than the offerings from Weathertech, Husky, or Maxliner, but still had the all weather aspect. Made in USA with lots of good online reviews. The only fault I had with them initially is the openings for the floor pins don't seal, so water and some debris could get through to the carpet below. After about two months, a hole wore into where my right foot rest, and about two weeks ago, the whole reinforced section began separating.

Granted, I was hard on them wearing boots most of the winter, and washing them out weekly, but that's kinda what you buy an all weather floor mat for!

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My advice is to avoid these. Not even sure if will bother with a warranty claim since replacements would suffer the same fate. They are made by a company called U-Ace, and sold under the names MAXpider Kagu and Aries StyleGuard I believe.

Side note, trying to decide between Husky or Maxliners for my next floor mat...
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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