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Back up camera

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My 14 2lt RS didn't come with a factory back up camera "which I think it should of..." but anyway my question is, is there anyway an certain aftermarket backup camera would be compatible with my cruze mylink screen? It would be great.. or am I SOL?
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The question has come up a number of times. It seems like it should be do-able. But so far, I don't think anyone has come back to report success.

There's a question of wiring harness and possible dealer programming needed to make it work.
It should be doable. I used to work at a car customization store and we did aftermarket backup cams to factory screens all the time.

There just needs to be a module, and some wiring, etc.
GM has a lot of modules for customization (not from GM itself but 3rd party) with regard to things like this.

Also the major question of where you want the camera.
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From what I was told it can be done, waiting for it to warm up a bit here before I do it. Will get out the motorcycle and send my box in for programming.
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