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Bad Motor Mounts?

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Searched and just got aftermarket threads.

So I just got my Cruze a week and half ago. I notice the car shakes more than any other car during start up, almost like the mounts are done. I don't mean at idle, just the initial turn.
Is this normal for the Cruze? Going to try to get it into the dealer for 2 other issues, just wondering if this is something I need to bring up.

Btw, I bought it with 7,000 miles. Way to early for bad engine mounts in my opinion.
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Don't think mine's transmission related but who knows. It's on all starts, hot and cold. It's not too bad so I'm not sure if it's normal. Just seems to shake the car more than any car I've started. Doesn't shake after the initial start up.
Wasn't able to get it to dealer this week, maybe next week.
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