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Bad News Racing Tune (1.4T) VS. Trifecta Tune (1.4T)

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Which is better?

I just wanted to say I'm incredibly impressed with my tune from BNR. They make it easy to tune because Jerry can tune with EFILive, HPTuners, Diablo, etc. Having had Trifecta Elite before I can honestly say, not only do I get better fuel economy and more power; my car also runs better. Trifecta provides an obsolete service and with inferior equipment. ****, my Trifecta cable even stopped working after only a few uses and they refused to replace it without me buying another. Jerry at Badnewsracing tunes custom so every car gets taken care of exactly how it should. Trifecta claims to be custom but really just has some base canned tunes that suck while they hide any problems the tunes have caused to that car. Trifecta damaged my car and wouldn't take responsibility for it. they claimed it was the car causing all the stutters etc. Jerry is quicker to respond and provides a much healthier customer service. I do not regret switching from Trifecta to BNR, the cost was worth it. Jerry is a much better tuner.

If you're thinking of tuning go to It's worth it, I promise.

Badnewsracing > Trifecta
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