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Bad Radio Reception - still under warranty

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I read the forum rules - somewhat - and they say not to resurect an old thread - not sure why when it is still relevant - it says just to reference it. So here goes

My Cruze, a 2014 LT that is certified pre-owned i.e. still under warranty, had great radio reception when I purchased it. It no longer does. I have had the car washed a number of times and have taken the antenna off, cleaned the threads and replaced the antenna - just in case, but it still only picks up the three local stations here.

I went to the dealer I purchased it from and asked them to look at it. The Service Manager said to me "I am going to save you a little money and tell you to plug in the antenna better as it is probably loose". He then proceeded to tell me to reach up under the dash and just push it in.

I was a bit taken aback, but thought, ok i'll try it. I went out to my car and looked up under the glove box and - you cannot just reach up under the glove box. I went back inside and told him this and he said to just remove the panel - no problem.

I think hes nuts and that the dealer should fix this. What do you think?

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If your car has less than 36K miles then radio problems are definitely covered under the B2B warranty. Create an owner account at and add your car to your account. This will tell you the warranty status on the car. If it's still under B2B then take it back (assuming it's a Chevy dealership) and tell them to fix the problem. If they don't get our Chevy Customer Care reps involved (use ours, not the call center in the owners manual). The other option if you don't want to deal with this dealership is to find a different Chevy dealership. If you don't have a Chevy dealership in the area go find a Buick or other GM dealership - they can do warranty work when there are no Chevy dealerships in the area (I think 50 miles is the range).
Because it is Certified I believe the B to B Coverage is extended for another year or 12,000 miles as well. I think some non G.M. Dealerships use this term as a buzz word to sell the car. Also taking off the antenna, why is that necessary when washing the CRUZE?
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