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well i actually just called 2 different dealerships and there blowing me off about it saying i need to take it to a body shop that there not responsible for rust... also im having a vibration problem i'm on my second set of tires trying to correct the problem and the problem is still there.... also every time i fill up i check all my fluids and such and i keep finding my coolant just completely empty... so i have 3 issues that need to be addressed and all i get is excuses on how there book up for the next 2 weeks on jobs, and the next closest dealer is aprox 50-60 miles away and i can't be without a car and there not offering a loner..... is it just me or am i geting the taste of a lemon...or am i not geting the help because im having so many problems......
Fully agreed with both responses below!!!

You are getting shafted by your dealers. You need to contact GM immediately and have them sort this out. They are required under the terms of the warranty to provide you with a rental vehicle during repairs. It's in your warranty paperwork. The vehicle is under warranty and even if body work does need to be done on it, it will be done by the dealer through a third party; you shouldn't have to be responsible for this. The corrosion warranty on this car definitely covers what you're seeing and that's GM's problem, not yours.

Call GM directly, file a case with them, and don't take no for an answer until they get an appointment set up for you to take your car in and have a rental ready for you to drive off until the car is done.'

I would be beyond furious if I was in your shoes.
Ask the dealers to deny you in writing. Then watch how fast their attitudes change.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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