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Bad wastegate solenoid?

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I'm experiencing the following problem:
Before starting the engine and just by turning key to ON position the wastegate solenoid next to the wastegate and under the turbo intake hose starts clicking hard.
Here's a video of the sound. (don't be fooled the engine is off, it's just heard by turning the key to ON position)

The thing is that if it's defect it might be the culprit for my p1101 pending codes and boost drops I'm experiencing since months now and I cant get to the bottom of it..
Should the solenoid click or not? Is it a clear sign that it's defect when it clicks?
Do you have the same cliking sound on your cars or not?

Thanks in advance for your help
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I have also experienced this. Anyone else? Any answers?
The turbocharger on this car goes bad. Mine was replaced under powertrain warranty. It's a known issue. What year/mileage do you have?
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