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Been awhile since I attended this site. A month ago, my wife purchased a new 2018 Cruze LT RS Redline in silver ice. Beautiful car. This is our 3rd Cruze - 2011 LS, 2015 LT and now the 2018. Had zero problems with the 2011 & 2015.
With the 2018, GM, under warranty, is replacing the rear disc pads + rotors due to unusual wear. There appears to be a high spot/not braked about the middle of each pad. Of course the hardware is back ordered.
The front rotors seem to be unusually cut by the pads about 3/8" inch inside the outer edge of the rotor. I ask the dealer to check them but it appears they did not according to the work order report.
Have owned cars & trucks since 1970 with disc brakes but never had these wear problems.
Otherwise we love the car. Many comments received on its appearance.
I am trying to find either an "RS" emblem or decal that I can mount to the truck lid near the "CRUZE" emblem. I checked with gmparts and the emblem I found is 3 inches wide. Too wide to mount on the trunk lid, I think. Suggestions??

Slamazon has the RS emblems, as does Fleabay. ?
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