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May not like this answer, best exhaust is stock, exhaust is a traveling wave tuned to the engine so as it travels down the pipe creates a vacuum for the next intake stroke. You don't get 1.6 HP per cube by intentionally adding restrictions, also have to meet EPA and DOT requirements.

Yes, compromises and tradeoffs as we call them have to be made, working with an SAE requirement of ambient temperatures between -40*C to 125, this is done by computer simulation. Adding cold intake does not properly atomize the fuel, get partial misfires that can toast your cat.

What you can do is keep your center electrode spark plugs white, that carbon shunts out the spark and gap at 28 mils, I find 25 mils works better. Use only dexos approved engine oil and the highest octane gas you can buy, this extends the length of your combustion cycle. For the best performance and economy.

Also have to meet requirements of noise, but playing with either the intake or the exhaust only increases it while decreasing overall performance. But what you hear is that design engineers are idiots.
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