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My question is in regards to my 2016 Chevy Cruze Limited 2LT with Pioneer Premium Audio package. To begin, I plan on eventually replacing the front speakers, tweeters, rear, and rear deck speakers. Debating whether or not to change rear 6x9s as I plan on adding a 12" JL Audio Subwoofer in the trunk.

My first purchase is going to be the front door speakers & potentially the tweeters at the same time. The passenger side door speaker is blown and overall everything sounds shitty bc of this. So I first need to replace those front speakers.

What recommendations do you have for replacement? I don't plan on changing head unit or upgrading stock amp.

I was told by a local audio shop to get metal tweeters.
He recommended this for front:
JL Audio C1-6506-1/2" component speaker system
^ on crutchfield

Are there better options/suggestions for replacing fronts and tweeters? Keeping stock headunit and stock amp.
MMAT 6.5 cone rear
Only found on eBay

Thoughts? Any help would be great.

Note: I know this topic has been discussed all over here but I couldn't find a solid list of suggestions with links or a list of top options to replace.
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