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What you are wanting can pretty easily be done with a jack and jackstands. For the front, slide the jack right under the mirror until the saddle is at the unibody frame rail. Lift up there, and angle the jack toward the front tire so there is enough room to place a jackstand at the factory jacking point. Repeat on the other side.

For the rear, I like to put the jack onto the flat part of the twist beam right under each spring, and then go up slowly. Throw a jackstand under the factory jack point also.

A hockey puck on the jack and jackstand pads on the jackstands help keep the paint intact.

Lastly, since it sounds like you don't have access to an air compressor, buy yourself a case of Fluid Film and go to town with it. Especially inside the doors and inside the rocker panels. Or, if you can find a shop that does Krown or CarWell applications, have that done every year. Your Cruze will thank you in 5-7 years when things aren't a rusty mess on the underside.
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