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Big 3 Group Buy #3 OR DIY

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For those still shopping for for "Big3" cables and can not find them, why not do it yourself so you can cut custom lengths for your unique install? The materials are easily available from Menards, Home Depot, Mouser Electronics or ebay stores at low costs. Terminal lugs are cheap from Mouser and one does not need the expensive OFC cables. Any good high temp, high strand count, large gauge welding cable will work very well. If worried about under hood environmental conditions one can get tinned marine grade cable.

Bolts size for alternator, starter, Battery+ fuse block is 5/16", and fender grounding studs are 1/4". The other materials one would need rosin core solder, silver solder and heat shrink along with propane torch for soldering. There you have it your own cables made to your exact length for your car.
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I know you get what you pay for. That marine cable is more than OFC cable. I been spending some time on prices & good product to make my own. I also bought enough that I may make some to sell. There is a thread (now closed) that showed a nice set for sale. The ones I'm making are like those but IMO a little better material. I am also wondering should I buy 5/16 or 3/8 lugs?
I replaced all the high current #4 battery cables with #2 gauge and 5/16 lugs worked fine for all of them except the ones that connect on the body fender/chassis which required 1/4" lugs. For good mechanical connections make sure you crimp the lugs on or at least stake them, then solder for best low ohmic contact. I like using 60/40 for tinning the cable and lugs before filling the lugs with 94/6 silver solder. A thick walled heat shrink covering the lugs makes for a nice finishing touch.

Note that the rt angle lug used on the fuse block interconnect was home made from 3/8" refrigeration "K" grade (thicker wall = 0.042) copper tubing. After shaping and forming the tubing the rt angle lug was tinned by dipping in a molten solder pot. My preference for cable was a 25 ft roll of Carolprene 105C #2 gauge high flex welding cable on clearance for $29.95 from Menards. For the negative cables I just colored the cable jacket with black marker.

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Ideally, closed ring terminals should be used, and solder should be melted inside the terminal before the wiring is inserted so the crimp would never move or budge.

I was going to start making those Big 3 kits again, but never found the time, with other projects and responsibilities. Just make sure whatever material you use is OFC and is flexible. The actual prices locally may not be any less than what you'd get online. I believe Terry was using KNU cable.
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