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Hello I'm Christian and I'm from the UK

i am tuning a vauxhall Corsa black edition ( same engine as your cruze)
im currently at 240hp but looking at getting more!

is there anywhere in the US that I can get proved uprated valve springs and forged pistons?

also are there any other upgrades you'd recommend? I know you guys are big into your water meth kits!worth the money though?


Refresh my memory, do you folks in the UK get the 1.4L turbo or 1.6L turbo? Or are you tuning up a 2.0L turbo diesel? I know you guys love your oil burners over there! I'd love to see some pictures of the car in question. :)

Note: Still waking up, just noticed what forum section I'm in, and that you're the same guy from the other post talking about the upgrades to a 1.4L turbo. At this point, I feel like your best option is to go with a full tube frame and an LS swap.
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