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Big Zeus Build Thread

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Ok, after a long period of contemplation, I have decided to go ahead and make a thread documenting my 2013 Cruze LT 1.4L. I will name it a build thread, but don't really consider it that. This is just something that I work on and improve as time and funds allow. I like to tinker and find different ways to do things as well as maximize performance. I do all the work in my enclosed garage and have a decent amount of tools. Most if not all of the modifications will be bolt on.

Maintenance/work list:

Window tint 12/1/2018 54k
New tires 55000 discount tire
Paint correction and wax 55k
Dorman thermostat 4/25/2019 55k
Transmission fluid drain and fill valvoline 55k 5/10/19
Front rotor resurface 55k 5/10/19
BNR tune purchased and installed
New plug boots rock auto standard brand 55k 5/17/19
New battery (larger size) and negative cable OEM and mechanical boost gauge 55k 5/23/19
Transmission fluid drain and fill AC Delco
56k 6/28/19
Oil change and filter 56,048 7/12/19 super tech synthetic
ZZP downpipe 7/15/19
Installed black vinyl over emblems
New ac delco ceramic brake shoes front 56,300 8/23/19
New driver window motor and tint 9/4/19
New belt tensioner and belt ac Delco 11/24/19 | 56,500
digital boost gauge 12/14/19 56,600
Fixed turbo outlet line coolant leak and installed new water pump. New antifreeze 56,700 1/9/20

Changed oil penzoil ultra platinum 5w30
57,322 3/22/20

Compression right to left
180,200,195,205 Psi

5/5/20 57,541 new oil gm, oil pan reseal, ac Delco turbo oil line 89in lb, 22 ft lb, down pipe reinstalled
Brembo brake rotors 6/15/20

Bnr wastegate actuator 6/20/20
AC Delco spark plugs default gap 8/17/20
Ac Delco water outlet new prestone dexcool antifreeze 8/28/20 57,922

Dorman intake manifold 9/20/20

New purge valve OEM, BNR throttle body spacer, boost leak test passed 9/30/20 58008
New MAF Ac Delco 10/21/20 58106
New FCS front struts 58,500 1/18/21
New FCS rear shocks 58,600 2/23/21

Oil change pennzoil plat ultra, BNR LS7 coils 58669 4/12/21

New GM water pump and gasket
58,700 4/28/21

BNR Intake manifold spacer, new driver CV Axle, Cardone reman.
59,000 11/6/21

Rotated tires
59,111 11/20/21

ZZP V3 Turbo, used 1500 miles
59,300 04/02/22

Oil change Pennzoil Platinum
59,360 04/03/22

ZZP Ported intake manifold, PCV 3.4 fix kit
59,450 04/22/22

And the story begins:

When she was pretty new, she was full of swirl marks and scratches. This is after a professional paint correction that I did myself with the pictured Meguiars and harbor freight DA. Tons of work and it took days. I went panel by panel.


Next, got some new shoes (Continental Control Contact) These things are great, so much softer than the old Michelins

Shortly after, it was time to start fixing leaks. This was the first one, I fabbed up a piece of rubber tubing and put a heat shield on it. It has lasted almost 2 years now with no leaks.


Had a transmission fluid leak that was likely from an overfill, did a drain and fill X3 with AC Delco fluid.


Next was a rich condition, which I finally narrowed down to the cooler NGK plugs I installed, Don't go with the 8's... unless you like unburnt fuel

Next up is oil leak time, the oil cooler and pan were leaking. The dealer fixed the pan and for some reason painted it all with silver spray paint... I did the oil cooler a month or two on my own after. More to come in next post


continued below...
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Went out on the back roads today to do some tune testing. Somehow I am hitting 25+PSI on 3/4 throttle pulls up to 100mph. No limp mode. I ain't complaining, but that's a lot of boost... Under WOT it makes less boost, I don't get that, maybe just how the tune is setup.
It could also be how your boost Guage is plumbed in.
It actually reads 1PSI low. I was thinking about what you said when I saw the 25PSI, looked in my rearview mirror to see if I blew the head off. I'll have to log it next time im out, that won't lie. Although I think the boost gauge is right judging by butt dyno.
Got a little something new on the way 馃き

Automotive lighting Bicycle part Bumper Automotive exterior Automotive tire
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Alright, got things installed this morning! Interesting install, wasn't quite as easy as I had planned, removed the fuel rail, PCV tube and all intake manifold bolts along with throttle body charge pipe. It pairs great with a throttle body spacer as you can now easily get the charge pipe on without hitting the coolant outlet clip. This was one of the main selling points to me. Now, the review. When first started engine stumbled hard and went into limp mode, also did this after I installed the PCV fix long ago... Anyway, this does fit the Dorman intake manifold as expected, screws were a little hard to get started, but once threaded it was a breeze. After you get past the little bit of turbo lag (which is now shorter), there is a definite harder pull, I was screeching the tires when making turns on accident, now I am not talking like it has a nitrous system now, but I do feel there is a difference in low to mid range. Top end I can't tell anything to be honest. Which is fine. The part is a bit pricey, but it is also billet and machined from a block of aluminum. It came a little dinged up, not sure if that happened in manufacturing or from the bubble wrap the screws came in breaking. Doesn't do anything to functionality though.

Motor vehicle Light Automotive design Automotive fuel system Automotive air manifold

Light Black Automotive design Motor vehicle Carbon

Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive design Automotive fuel system Automotive exterior

Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive fuel system Automotive air manifold Auto part
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Nice ! Does it need a tune revision ?
Adding to my wish list. Any black friday deals coming?
That'd be a question for @[email protected] but I am pretty sure they do have sales at that time.
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Thanks so much for the review @Thebigzeus! As far as the dings or whatever, are you talking about on the top of it where it looks like it was grabbed or something? The way they get machined the clamps sometimes leave small indentations on that area where they grab it. We may rework the job a bit to try to mitigate that, but yeah.

We will be doing black friday deals for sure on all kinds of stuff.
Nah, pits caused by the bolts in shipment, the bubble wrap had busted open and two were sticking out. May want to wrap them a few more items in the future. No biggie though.
Cleaned back of engine up from oil that seeped down on intake manifold removal and flashed tune update. Runs like a top! Low-mid range pull is much harder, instead of barking the tires quickly on takeoff it's actively losing traction now throughout low-mid range if floored. Good and a bad thing I guess, more power, but need some stickier tires maybe. 馃
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Are you saying that you flashed a new update or was it a reflash of the current tune?

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Ok, thanks man.

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it didn鈥檛 have to have one for the part after install Jerry said, but I sent in a log and he said there was a small update he did.
Swapped out the front cv axle today. Boot had a nick in it and was flinging grease. Got a cardone remanufactured oem from rock auto. Seems good quality and installed without issue. 59k miles. The shoe goo held up for almost a year on the old boot lol!
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Ordered some ACDelco 2173076 injectors this evening, BNR is now supporting tuning on these. Should be a pretty decent upgrade for the price they are!
I had to look these up. Cadillac attack! I tried to find the PSI, but only found the cheapest out of 7 places is CARiD (except Rock Auto - but you have to add shipping)
Yep I spent just over $144 with expedited shipping from rock auto including adapters and tax. Already have the tune update, that was fast!
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Got the new injectors installed. Idles so much smoother and accelerates smoother as well. Duty cycle at WOT is now at 60% or so, when it was going above 100% with other injectors.

Gas Tints and shades Cylinder Bumper Auto part

Font Electric blue Rectangle Plastic Transparency
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Pretty. Do you know what the max flow rate is?
Not a clue. But I guess based on the duty cycle maybe 50% more than stock? 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檪锔忦煒
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Those are REALLY affordable for a set of 420cc/min (40 lb/hr) injectors.
for sure! Any clue what stock flow rate is?
Spending the morning tracking down a big misfire, seems its on cylinder 2. They are bad enough I can hear it pop/backfire upon accel and feel the car lurch forward/back. Is 2 the hole one on the driver side if looking at the ending all the way to the right? Per this graph it seems to correspond with duty cycle, so I either have a defective injector that I ordered or something else is wrong. Going to pull the plug once the engine cools off.

Rectangle Font Parallel Screenshot Water
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Sorry about the crude numbering, @Thebigzeus

Here is the cylinder numbering. Note: Some people often confuse the cylinder numbering with the firing order. They are NOT the same thing. The firing order for the 1.4L LUJ is 1-3-4-2.

Thank you! It seems to have been loose plug wires hehe :giggle: Took it on a nice rip after working on them and everything seemed good.
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@Thebigzeus hey brother! Loving your build. Had a quick question, maybe @[email protected] can chime in as well. . Just installed the intake spacer from BNR in my 2017 1.4L turbo manual, but I've got a weird idle now. Got limp mode initially after install, but reset the ecu and the check engine went away with the limp. Still getting funky idling, so any tips/info would be appreciated.

*Edit: took another look under the hood after posting here, turns out I hadn't fully seated the charge pipe to both the throttle body and intercooler. . after solidifying the connections at both ends, took care of the issue. Disregard lol
Glad to hear you got it figured out! Sorry I was away on a short hiatus from here and didn't see your post until today. 馃
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