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Big Zeus Build Thread

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Ok, after a long period of contemplation, I have decided to go ahead and make a thread documenting my 2013 Cruze LT 1.4L. I will name it a build thread, but don't really consider it that. This is just something that I work on and improve as time and funds allow. I like to tinker and find different ways to do things as well as maximize performance. I do all the work in my enclosed garage and have a decent amount of tools. Most if not all of the modifications will be bolt on.

Maintenance/work list:

Window tint 12/1/2018 54k
New tires 55000 discount tire
Paint correction and wax 55k
Dorman thermostat 4/25/2019 55k
Transmission fluid drain and fill valvoline 55k 5/10/19
Front rotor resurface 55k 5/10/19
BNR tune purchased and installed
New plug boots rock auto standard brand 55k 5/17/19
New battery (larger size) and negative cable OEM and mechanical boost gauge 55k 5/23/19
Transmission fluid drain and fill AC Delco
56k 6/28/19
Oil change and filter 56,048 7/12/19 super tech synthetic
ZZP downpipe 7/15/19
Installed black vinyl over emblems
New ac delco ceramic brake shoes front 56,300 8/23/19
New driver window motor and tint 9/4/19
New belt tensioner and belt ac Delco 11/24/19 | 56,500
digital boost gauge 12/14/19 56,600
Fixed turbo outlet line coolant leak and installed new water pump. New antifreeze 56,700 1/9/20

Changed oil penzoil ultra platinum 5w30
57,322 3/22/20

Compression right to left
180,200,195,205 Psi

5/5/20 57,541 new oil gm, oil pan reseal, ac Delco turbo oil line 89in lb, 22 ft lb, down pipe reinstalled
Brembo brake rotors 6/15/20

Bnr wastegate actuator 6/20/20
AC Delco spark plugs default gap 8/17/20
Ac Delco water outlet new prestone dexcool antifreeze 8/28/20 57,922

Dorman intake manifold 9/20/20

New purge valve OEM, BNR throttle body spacer, boost leak test passed 9/30/20 58008
New MAF Ac Delco 10/21/20 58106
New FCS front struts 58,500 1/18/21
New FCS rear shocks 58,600 2/23/21

Oil change pennzoil plat ultra, BNR LS7 coils 58669 4/12/21

New GM water pump and gasket
58,700 4/28/21

BNR Intake manifold spacer, new driver CV Axle, Cardone reman.
59,000 11/6/21

Rotated tires
59,111 11/20/21

ZZP V3 Turbo, used 1500 miles
59,300 04/02/22

Oil change Pennzoil Platinum
59,360 04/03/22

ZZP Ported intake manifold, PCV 3.4 fix kit
59,450 04/22/22

And the story begins:

When she was pretty new, she was full of swirl marks and scratches. This is after a professional paint correction that I did myself with the pictured Meguiars and harbor freight DA. Tons of work and it took days. I went panel by panel.


Next, got some new shoes (Continental Control Contact) These things are great, so much softer than the old Michelins

Shortly after, it was time to start fixing leaks. This was the first one, I fabbed up a piece of rubber tubing and put a heat shield on it. It has lasted almost 2 years now with no leaks.


Had a transmission fluid leak that was likely from an overfill, did a drain and fill X3 with AC Delco fluid.


Next was a rich condition, which I finally narrowed down to the cooler NGK plugs I installed, Don't go with the 8's... unless you like unburnt fuel

Next up is oil leak time, the oil cooler and pan were leaking. The dealer fixed the pan and for some reason painted it all with silver spray paint... I did the oil cooler a month or two on my own after. More to come in next post


continued below...
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Update, cleaned up bottom of engine and no seepage so far!
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Did some paint removal from the oil pan today, its a heck of a job... the dealership did this a few years ago. I used brake cleaner and scotch brite pads. This took almost a whole can... If anyone has an easier method I am listening! Quite a bit of elbow grease, but got most of the front done and bottom.

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Paint removal? My oil pan is unpainted aluminum...
Yes, as it says in my post the dealership gave it this paint job last time they resealed it, or didn’t reseal it. 🧐 and yes a GM dealership.
Oops. I must not be able to read today.

That's malicious. Did you report them to GM?
Nah, got it all over the axles, frame rails, tranny as you can see... No clue as to why they thought it was a good idea.
I’m embarrassed to say how many cans of brake cleaner and elbow grease it took. But the deed is basically done!

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For all the brake clean lovers

Ok, finished the oil pan cleaning! What a pain. Also reinstalled the heat shield in preparation for the new BNR heat shield cover that I am going to order soon as well as wrapped the rest of my coolant fix hose. A bit ugly, bit it works and is protected!

Motor vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive design Automotive air manifold

I have also now completely ditched the Forge wastegate actuator and sold it. It pulsated almost all the time, the ZZP/ebay knockoff one is just smoother. Now when I accelerate there is no pulsing. I also adapter the Forge atmospheric BPV to my ZZP V3 turbo. Missed the sound :cool:
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Installed the BNR Heat Shield today, very good quality and a perfect fit! I would highly recommend it for the price and it also comes in other colors, although I chose natural.

Check out the pics here:

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Does that thing go ober the existing heat shield?
either Or. You can choose!
I can't choose. I don't think it'll fit in my engine bay. But other people can. :LOL:
That turbo almost has to touch the hood, yeah? Side note, do you know where that GSP intake adapter came from that you shipped with the v3?
Got a new key fob today and moved the key over to it. The range is still an issue, or maybe it's user error... When I walk away and lock the car, it locks once, but when I click again it doesn't do anything immediately... to beep the horn and confirm lock. Maybe I don't need to do that?
When you press lock once it locks and a few seconds later turns on the alarm.

I actually just lock it with the door switch most of the time. I know that the earlier Cruzes have a different door lock location on the dash.
Interesting. So no need to double lock then?
In the never ending quest to search for less plastic parts I have uncovered this. I am going to compare it to the original tonight and give it a test fit.

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Fluid Font Electric blue Plastic Cable

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In the never ending quest to search for less plastic parts I have uncovered this. I am going to compare it to the original tonight and give it a test fit.

View attachment 299292
View attachment 299289
View attachment 299290
View attachment 299291
Ok it didn’t fit. I may try to mess with it some more at a later time. This fit though! Although it was very tight.
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I have one of the aluminum oil filter caps.. mine fit just fine ..
Say whaaaa?! Where’d you get it?
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Fairly certain it was an Ebay purchase though mine didnt have the "GM" packaging .. have you measured OD of both caps at the threas and compared the threads ? checked to make sure there wasnt just a knick or something holding it back ??
Yeah, even worked on them a bit with a dremel, no dice.
I am still around, still got the Cruze, no big updates to share really. Washed her up today and did a quick ceramic wax. Hit 60k miles.

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I have one of those. Fits like a glove.
Care to share the link where you got yours? I had to go back to plastic… Never got one that would thread in sadly
I have one of those. Fits like a glove.
Care to share the link where you got yours? I had to go back to plastic… Never got one that would thread in sadly
Where did you have that done? I have a key fob, but cant get the old one open to switch the guts.
I did it myself, used a metal pry tool that is used for mobile phones to split the halves apart.
Can you post a picture of or a link for it?
Sure, this is it! Best Metal Spudger Tool for Pry Separation Screen Removal Open Cell Phone Repair | eBay

Use that dang thing for so many things. It’s pretty handy.
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