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If you don't have a specific brand in mind yet, I've found Curt Mfg makes great quality products. I don't have a hitch for my Cruze but I have used Curt products on my Ram.

This would be the link for the 2017 Cruze LT.

CURT Manufacturing - CURT Class 1 Trailer Hitch with Ball Mount #114583

It's a Class 1, rated to handle 200 lbs tongue (vertical) and 2,000 lbs trailer (horizontal or towing weight). The 1 1/4" square tube will give you flexibility to add a bike rack or even a standard ball for towing a small trailer (motorcycle, jet ski or small Harbor Freight flatbed for local trips to Home Depot).

If you have bikes blocking rear camera and/or sensors it will most likely interfere with your rear park assist.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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