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BiScan for GM sunset

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Hi guys,

I know a lot here Use BiScan. October 1st 2022 is the last day you will be able to purchase it. Previous users can keep using the app until something breaks it.

Most can switch to Gretio without issue by following this link:

The main reason why is because it’s too difficult to support a third party app. There are far too many issues I simply cannot control. Gretio is built from the ground up for GM diagnostics.

Gretio is also free which has reduced refund requests to 0.

While Gretio generally requires an OBDLINK, I have greatly increased the redundancy of Gretio over the past year. This has made cheap elm327s more useable. Of course, I still recommend people use the OBDLINKs.

Hopefully this isn’t too big of a shock. BiScan has been “maintenance only” for a long time now.
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Could you drop a link to your emissions troubleshooting steps again? I can't find the Google link for it.

Nevermind I found it.

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