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Bizarre and annoying electrical issue??? Nz 2013 Holden cruze equippe

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Hi all. I am new here and have read other posts about electrical and battery cable issues with the cruze. I am having similar issues and it's driving me insane. Any thoughts appreciated, taking it into Holden service center on the 10th of Jan.

So I bought a 2013 Holden Cruze Equippe 1.8lt petrol, with 81,000k on the clock in Aug 2019. It ran well for the first 2 months and then came up with a check engine light intermittently. They messed around but I finally got it diagnosed in January 2020 as being the purge control valve. They replaced it and it ran smoothly. I had also had a weird issue where Bluetooth MyLink wouldn't work for a while then a day later or after turning the engine off, opening and closing the door it would sometimes work again. This issue is ongoing... but wait, there's more 😅

Early 2021 it started having uneven rpms, and would jump up in revs without me applying extra pressure on the accelerator on occasion but I didn't think much of it, it would flutter between 500 and 1,000 rpm in idle as well. This progressed to the traction control light coming on randomly and going off when I turned it off for a few minutes then back on. NOW when the traction control dash light comes on, rpm drops to 0 and there is a new addition of the check oil light coming on. I check the oil before I drive anywhere since it came on, it went off after I turned the car off then back on the first time but now the light is staying on and my oil is full and hasn't changed.

The car jerks between gears on the highway and in lower speeds but definitely runs slightly better during higher speed. These issues seem to come and go, usually disappearing when I take it to be looked at. It's still under warranty until Aug 2022 but if anyone has ideas on the issues feel free to comment.
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Check the intake manifold tuning solinoid, it effects engine response and throws a traction control light when it doesn't move properly.

Idle could be the ac compressor popping in and out as it comes on for cooling and various heating modes. Other things it could be is a dirty maf sensor
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