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The thing about this site is ya never know when a supporting vendor will offer to put up as a special sale .
Some do not even get involved with discussions about anything or even absolutely nothing .

Great ?

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Not aware of vehicles on sale for Black Friday, if looking for and end of year model sale, some going on right now, normally starts at the end of August.

Now if you are looking for Rubbermaid food containers, that you will find on sale for Black Friday.

Oh and if you see a half a page ad from Lowes for a 12" DeWatt Carbide tip circular saw blade for only four bucks. Don't bother getting to that store at 5:00 AM, because they only had one in stock and somebody else already purchased it. No rain checks.

Ha, wife gave up trying to buy some sheets, big fat lady knocked her down and she hurt her butt. So much for Black Friday, even have Black Thanksgiving night now.
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