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We had the same issue, which happened just before we got to the dealership for another issue (check engine light). They "diagnosed" that the radio displayed had failed and would have to be replaced, to the tune of $650. We said no and went home, then started digging, and found the fuse was blown. A stupid little 7.5A fuse, how'd they miss it. I'll not go back to them for anything. Makes me wonder about their diagnosis for the check engine light (a failing exhaust particulate sensor).

I just purchased a 2014 Chevy Sonic Saturday. My touchscreen is not working. It comes on and boots completely fine, but it doesnt work as a touchscreen! I tried using my finger, nail, a stylus, nothing works. I can see all of the options but can't use them. I can only control the stereo from the steering wheel controls. I also contacted the dealership and was told it would be $600 for a "screen repair". I'm hoping maybe it will be a fuse issue as well? Any suggestions?
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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