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blank page on the dic

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when we first started to search the cruzes we drove the eco for a weekend and we liked the dic showing the 25 50 and 500 mile avg readings. but we wound up with the ltz/rs model and when flipping through the dic pages one page is blank. might be that avg page is not there and not available in the ltz. if not how hard is it to have it put in programmed into the dic. it must be available if the eco has it the same computers in the same car correct? anyone have an idea? thanks
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Find a technician that owns a Cruze...who knows their way around the Tech2 scan tool/ software.

There are cluster software updates...I should think he might be able to just download one for an Eco.

Otherwise, I'm sure your answer is going to be "no".

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Would there be a way to get the 2012 speed/mileage left/ cant remember the other thing it shows into my 2011. I hate that it only shows speed or mileage.. I'm so spoiled when I'm trying to read my speedometer its like trying to understand an abacus lol
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