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I've been toying with this post since day one and would have probably never posted it, but someone I know was harassing me, so here is the text beginning. Pictures will follow - sometime. My main impediment is every time I complete something, something else goes south or I change my mind and replace something. You would also think being an electrician the electrical projects I have pending would be top notch and done, but nooooo, I don't want to start em even - so someday...

2014 Chevrolet Cruze Fleet LT 1.4l AT
My fleet 1LT included the 1.4-liter turbocharged gasoline engine, 16-inch alloy wheels, OnStar, keyless entry, a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel with audio controls, cruise control, a leather-wrapped steering wheel. air-conditioning, a six-way (manual) adjustable driver seat, a 60/40-split-folding rear seat, a trip computer, full power accessories, Bluetooth phone connectivity and a six-speaker sound system with a CD/MP3 player, satellite radio, USB port and an auxiliary audio jack.

It also came standard with stability control, antilock brakes, full-length side curtain airbags, front knee airbags and front and rear side-impact airbags as standard. A front-disc/rear-drum brake setup is standard on all models (except the 2LT, LTZ and Diesel, which are upgraded to four-wheel disc brakes). Also standard is OnStar, which includes automatic crash notification, on-demand roadside assistance, remote door unlocking and stolen-vehicle assistance.

Current Modifications:

Huskie Floor Liners throughout
Wing Spoiler (body color)
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Chevrolet Chevrolet cruze

Spring assisted trunk openers
Vehicle Car Auto part

Split Leather shift knob cover (red stitching)
Gear shift Vehicle Car Center console Auto part

MGP "Cruze" caliper covers (red) -------I have a set of unused rear covers FS or Trade - long story (still for sale as of 02MAR20)
Land vehicle Alloy wheel Vehicle Car Tire

Cruze Pedal Covers (red)
(where's the pic??)
Snowshield & Mirror Mitts
Door Lock knobs & Bezels (red)
Vehicle door Technology Table Auto part Windshield

Sunglasses holder (gray) (How to install)

Cover Craft Sun Shield {Thanks to spacedout} EDIT: Upgraded to Rose color to match - Blue shade FS or trade. (still for sale as of 18SEP20)
Diode Dynamics XP50 Reverse Lights

Reverse Camera
Vehicle Hood Automotive exterior Car Bumper

Open anytime interior trunk release button
Trunk mounted volt meter, power and USB outlets
Electronic instrument Electronics Auto part Technology Bumper

Trunk side rear seat covers
Rear Fog light (laser) - [see Reverse Camera photo]
Dual Fog light switch (still need to know how to get second switch to work)
Vehicle Car Family car

Glass look rear window quarters UPDATE: Removed and replaced with black appliques - [See window tint photos]
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Mid-size car Vehicle door

Plasti-dipped rear chrome bar (red) (now it is painted 2020)
Shark Fin antenna cover (body color) (Had to repaint it once)
Diode Dynamics side marker lamps (amber)
Fog/Driving lights i.e. Flip Flop amber/white lamps - [See lip spoiler photo]
Leatherette parking brake covers (red stitching)
Couture RS look front lip spoiler (body color) [this was rudely ripped off of my car at 70 mph on the Toledo Turnpike by a retread. Funny, I was on my way to court to fight a ticket procured during the Lordstown meet] EDIT: Added Lip Spoiler back! 19OCT17 @ 60280
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Grille Hood

Z-Spec grille (Black Granite) {Thanks to Cully77} - [See lip spoiler photo above]
Splash Guards (fourth set now 2020)
Tire Automotive tire Bumper Vehicle Automotive exterior

Centrex High Carbon rotors
LS window seals (black) {Thanks to Scott at Lordstown} (black appliques finally installed July17) -[See window tint photos]
K&N Air Filter {thanks to Merc6}
16” LT rims with Blizzaks for winter with matching black & red wheel storage covers
A couple of 5hp stickers
In-dash USB charging port

Ultra Racing upper rear shock tower bar
Grenade valve caps (red) {since changed to chrome valve caps with a red R for Robert - the power wash ripped out one and stranded me at the carwash} May 2018
18” LTZ rims {Thanks to whitecruze} with Continental Pure Contacts (1 size wider) (waiting on TPMS) UPDATE: Chinese TPMS took an immediate dump, replaced with Sam’s Club items (replaced one of these ~JUL20)
Land vehicle Alloy wheel Vehicle Car Wheel

Window tint by New Wave (35% I think)- 29JUL17 (redid the windshield tint after windshield replacement)
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Mid-size car Chevrolet cruze
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Chevrolet cruze Full-size car
Sky Blue Daytime Architecture Cloud

This last photo is the difference between winshield and strip tint.​

Eibach springs {Thanks to Overbuilt} - 23AUG17

Bilstein B8 Sport Struts - 23AUG17
Moog front sway bar links & bushings - 23AUG17

Ultra Racing upper front shock tower bar - 23AUG17
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Engine Auto part

GM strut mounts and bellows - 23AUG17
Front End Alignment - 25AUG17 (Sep 20)

MISC items:
Will not let me upload any more pictures!

Pending Modifications:

Rear View mirror with video screen (issues with wiring)(installed May 18, but not completely connected)
Electronics Technology Electronic device

Smoked BMW style tails (need to decipher wiring)(tried to install May18, but ran into issues)(tried twice in Jun18)
Automotive lighting Light Headlamp Auto part Automotive exterior
Electronics Auto part Technology Electronic component Games

Add MyLink {Thanks to justsowicked} (Need to redo VIN first somehow)
Wndow vents (smoked) – (too lazy to put them on yet) (Done)
Whiteline 22mm Rear sway bar Edit: Completed at 65,000 19MAR18
Autometer Cobalt Boost and AFR gauges installed but not yet connected May18 EDIT: Connected Boost electrically 16JUL18 EDIT: Completed install 28AUG18
LTZ Cluster upgrade OCT2018

Planned Modifications:

EBC Greenstuff brake pads
Color match steering wheel trim (changed the Wheel to a Camaro Hot Wheels steering wheel)
Upgrade sound system (while keeping stock head unit) ala XR’s post

Completed Repairs:
Replaced negative battery cable (Warranty)
New Duralast brake pads and Centrex rotors
Repaired PF fender (repainted peeling paint & replaced fender liner 18SEP20)
Repaired DF rocker panel 19OCT17 @ 60280
Repaired front end 23MAY18
New camshaft seals 17AUG18 (Warranty)
New valve cover and gasket 17AUG18 (Warranty)
New water pump and a free coolant refill. 17AUG18 (Warranty)
Engine degreased 17AUG18 (Warranty)
Replaced (currently being shipped)one snow tire (Warranty) 03DEC18 73,XXX - EDIT: Installed 10DEC18 EDIT: Replaced all four snows 2021)
Slow coolant leak / Check Engine / Security System / battery 03DEC2018 73,XXX
DF rocker panel repaired again along with tire rash from when the H2 tried to eat me.
Changed the oil & Filter - 95912 - no analysis, Oil Analyzers must have shipped the two kits I ordered to China before they would come to me. 18DEC20
Installed a ZZP magnetic drain plug - 95912 -18DEC2020
Replaced the Surge Tank hose for the second time & topped off the coolant - 95912 - 18DEC2020
Replaced both intake and exhaust camshaft position sensors with Duralast part SU14096 and also purchased a crank position sensor SU13894 28APR21

Completed Modifications:
ZZP Pillar Pod {thanks to LS2 BLAZER}(May18)
Depo smoked side markers {this guy is the cheapest, but his Customer Service Sucks]Installed 23MAY18) Updated Link 20APR19
Bilstein B8 shocks - [Tire Rack shipped me the wrong ones - waiting on reply 26AUG17] EDIT: Installed at 65,000 19MAR18
Amsoil Oil (Wix filters) {Thanks to XtremeRevolution}Edit: Completed at 65,000 19MAR18 EDIT: More oil waiting in the wings 2021
Amsoil Brake Fluid (time) {Thanks to XtremeRevolution}Edit: Completed at 65,000 19MAR18
Amsoil Trans Fluid (time) {Thanks to XtremeRevolution}Edit: Completed at 65,000 19MAR18
Big Three Kit (2 grounds installed so far - time) {Thanks to XtremeRevolution}Edit: Finally completed the third cable on 11MAR18
Completed HomeLink, but not yet installed 07JUL18 see pics below EDIT: Installed 17JUL18
Diode Dynamics HP24 Switchback front signal LEDs installed 19JUL18
Installed a Verano engine shield SEP18
EDIT: Moog strut mounts and bellows - (same) [DST shipped the wrong parts - substituted GM parts]Soon to install a Scangauge II {Thanks to PanJet} EDIT: Installed
06JUN18 - EDIT: 26NOV2018 - gauge went blank - unsure of problem as of yet. Gauge went back on 10DEC18
Periodic oil changes
Re Vinylized the back bowtie 09AUG18
Purchased and installed power heated leather seats. - acquired them all piecemeal by 06APR19
How I swapped in power seats
How I Swapped in Power Seats part 2
How I removed and replaced my Rear Seats
How I removed and replaced my Rear Seats pt 2
Hot Wheels Camaro steering wheel w/paddle shifters - I had to rehab it first before I installed it.
Carbon Fiber shifter/stereo surround - 2020
Dual exhaust with U-Power tips - 2020
Glove Box Light Ready to install. Waiting on connector from Mouser and Diode Dynamics LED. EDIT: Installed 18JUL18, but having electrical issues (fixed)

Additional mods listed here

Pending Issues/Repairs/Modifications:
Amsoil Coolant & Coolant Boost (As I have a fresh coolant change via the warranty this will be waiting) {Thanks to XtremeRevolution}
Troubleshoot the rearview mirror connections
Troubleshoot the glove box light (done) - 2020
Figure out the connections for the taillights I bought 5 years ago and install them
Waiting on my Amsoil shipment (18SEP20)(Received)
Forge Wastegate Actuator
Forge BPV
BNR LS7 coil upgrade
Racer X manifold
60lb fuel injectors

The day I brought her home in November of 2014:

I still cannot find these pics...

For Sale / Trade items:

Eibach camber bolts - [so far not needed] - FS or Trade - (still for sale as of 18SEP20) EDIT: Ended up installing these 2021
Complete set all black LT seats
Blue Covercraft sunshade
Full set of LS window seals and appliques )(all black)
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I recorded some data on an Actron OBD-II reader and downloaded it onto the attached pdf. If anyone knows how to read this thing, please help me out.
I highlighted a few things that stuck out, but I am not a this gadget guy. I am leaning toward replacing the exhaust side camshaft sensor, but I figured I ask here first.

I gave away my 2nd vehicle last week, and I am not renting a car unless something radical happens.


I still say it skipped a tooth. Those codes lean that way too. Isn't it rattling a bit? I really would take the valve cover off and check the tensioner/guide.
I thought about the tensioner as well. But after changing the sensor. one bolt and a bit over $20 is easier than pulling the cover.
Did you make any headway on your issue @Blasirl ?
I'm on vacation, but before I left I changed both exhaust and intake sensors, no changes. Will try other things after returning.

Sent from my SM-S767VL using Tapatalk (**** self correction)

The following is a long and boring story - you can skip and miss not much.

I went to Sam's to have the tires swapped as I have a lifetime package for both sets of tires. The Back Story: I bought a set of Blizzaks from Tire Rack on my way home from Lordstown in 2017. I had also picked up my 18" rims on the way through Ohio. I knew I wanted Continentals but thought I could get a better deal at Sam's. I had Tire Rack mount my snows on the LT rims and drove home. Went to Sam's the next day and compared the offer from Tire Rack to theirs. They said they would match it and I got the better tire price to boot. I also paid an extra $41 for the balance and rotate package for the snows as they were brand new. This set me up for lifetime seasonal tire rotations and balancing as they were on separate rims and did not entail little if any extra work on their part. I had tire bags with location indicators on them so they would know where to rotate the tires to next season. I also set this deal up with my daughters Cobalt.

Well, every other time I would go, someone new would be there and try and charge me for the seasonal rotation. I was able to get them not to most of the time. This brings me to the other day. I had made the appointment last week after trying for about 4 weeks on and off calling to schedule. I had to physically go there to do it as they are short staffed and basically do not answer the phone. If you get through to the service desk, sometimes you can leave a message and they might call you back. For me, I have a home phone and they leave a message that they called and to call them back. Basically, amounts to no appointment, so I go in. I was lucky to get a first thing in the morning appointment on my off day over a week later. I loaded up my summer tires and got there early.

I had a good rapport with a few of the other employees, but today there are two guys I have not seen before except when I made my appointment. First thing they want to charge me extra for the seasonal change. I go through the same spiel I usually do and one of them finally says “we’ll take care of it” while the other is looking for ways to still charge me. I leave my keys and go into the store. 15 minutes later I get called back to the desk.

They said we have some bad news. You need new tires. They had brought out one of the summer tires (Continentals). Sure enough, it was being worn on the inside of the tire. They immediately started in on me to buy some Goodyear's that were on sale. I said I wanted the Continentals. I would buy another of them set from them. He said they were not in stock. He then went on to tell me I also needed new snow tires and that they were worse than the Continentals. I agreed and had expected that. I asked for a quote. He immediately said that they were not available in my size. I said I was not going to decide standing there in front of his desk as to purchasing other brands of tires. He then said that they did not know what to do. Then they agreed to put the snow tires back on. I said put three of the summer tires on and one snow tire and order me one of the Continentals. He said he could not do that as the rim sizes were different. I said the overall diameter was very close. They refused. I then called BS on them. I thought to myself that this was just a high-pressure tactic to buy tires right then and there. I then went and sat down to wait for my car.

After they put the snows back on, they brought out my keys. I told him that they had just lost sales for eight tires and that I would not be coming back. After getting home, I called Firestone to get a quote on both sets of tires. They are competitive on the snows , but over $300 above on the other. They offered me the same deal for the rotations and balancing and said I could have the summer tires delivered to them If I bought them elsewhere. I also already have lifetime warranty for the front-end alignment with them, so this will be easier for me in the long run.

Later, I dragged out the jack, stands, chock block and tools and proceeded to swap the rear tires. I go to remove it and thought holy cow, what gorilla put these on. Just to see, I retrieved my torque wrench and set it to 100 ft-lb's and tried to remove the lug. Click, moved to 110, click, 120, click, 130, 140, 150 and then beyond the vernier markings – click. WTF. Well over 150 ft-lbs. on every lug. I got my 3-foot breaker bar out and struggled to get them off. I changed the rears. I then went on to change the brakes on the passenger side. Once done, I pulled the cover off the same tire they had showed me earlier. As I did so, a small dull silver thing fell to the ground. It did not occur to me what it was at first. I went on to roll the tire over to get it ready to mount. I happened to look at the inside of the rim and saw the paper backing next to three other stick on weights and realized what had fell out of the cover. I reach down and saw that a second weight was barely hanging on.

So, in conclusion, it seems they did not like it when I called BS on them for not swapping out my tires. You would think they would at least put on the better set. I still do not see why they would not put on three summers and one snow. When I replaced one of my summers last fall, they had no issue with me pulling in with that very combination on. Then to add insult to injury, they over tightened my lugs by 50%. Add this to the possible tampering with the weights on the tires and what do you get?

It just occurred to me that they never said anything to me when they did the summer to winter swap about my summer tires needing replacement.

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I can't read all that my friend. You lost me at long and boring. :LOL: Can I get the short version please? Or is that the video?
Got boned by Sam's
Just an FYI, Discount tire price matches everyone. Go there, for sure.
I have a set of Continentals being delivered to Firestone from them.
This my second or third water outlet, I kinda forgot now. This one is a Dorman. The saving grace is it's a lifetime warrantied part, unlike GM's. Repaired on 17JUN21

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I forgot about this - 02JUN21:
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I'm confused. That's your average speed over 7,070 miles displayed in the DIC. What are you getting at?
Didn't know that. Not sure how I got it to display either.

Sent from my SM-S767VL using Tapatalk
If your turn the little arrows on the turn signal stalk you can cycle through the different screens. On my car, I have: Trip 1, Trip 2 (what you display), Gallons Used, Speed, Blank, Navigation, and a Screen showing Speed, instantaneous fuel economy, and miles to empty.
I kew about most of them, just not specifically the avg MPH over the trip, which in this case is the total mileage I put on the vehicle since I purchased it.

P0355 & P0356 issue:
I have a P0355 & P0356 on a 4 cylinder ??? -- SOLVED!
P0355 and P0356 along with never ending cranking
Another coolant blowout!

Last time this area had a failure was 17JUN2021 at about 100632 miles. This time, 07AUG2021:


Time for a little detailing I see.

This is my description of what happened:

I discovered that a little longer screwdriver is the way to go to remove the vent screw. Instead of angling over the top, this one is able to go straight to it under the hoses.



Washer Filter


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Here is a Winjet unboxing for your viewing pleasure:sick:🤢

I ordered a new set of Blizzak WS90's today. I have a local Firestone who price matches. I brought in a PDF from Discount tire, who offers a military discount, and they beat the price by a few dollars. About $105 each.
Tomorrow I will order a new set of Continental Pure contacts.

Also spent a fair bit of time trying to figure out a P20197 along with my perennial P0420. So far no luck.


New Shoes

EDIT: Just installed the snows a couple of days ago:

107924 160010MAR2022 31*F

I was finally able to try out my new jack on the lowered Cruze. Works like a charm. Pulled an oil sample and changed the oil & filter, and reset the OLM. Next I have to get my emissions done.

Speedometer Odometer Trip computer Motor vehicle Tachometer

Automotive lighting Automotive tire Tire Bottle Motor vehicle

Previous oil analysis
oil change
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For the most part. I am still trying to pass my emissions test. I also discovered a pinhole leak in my exhaust flex coupling. I am hoping to find someone who will just plug the hole for a reasonable amount so I can get through until I replace the midpipe. Once I pass the emission test and fix the pinhole I plan on my next round of mods and then on to the dyno again.
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Installed my Forge Wastegate and BPV on 11MAY2022. Figured out the over boost problem on 20MAY2022. There were at least 200 agonizing miles in between installation and full boost!

Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive fuel system Automotive lighting Automotive tire

Menards to the rescue!
Receipt Font Paper Paper product Transparency
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