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This was totally unexpected. I finally get 'er runnin' right and all of a sudden, she overheats. WTF! I go back home, and as I pull in I see the temp is 231*F. Oooui that's hot!
I pop the hood and I look close and see what I thought was a broken clip at the water outlet. I had not that long ago replaced bot h the hose and the water outlet, but there were many miles since then so this did not make sense to me. I somewhat rinsed the engine bay with clear water and went inside. I took my daughters car to work the next morning and after work I stopped and picked up some coolant and a new hose and went to bed. This morning I went out and looked closer in the daylight to see what's what. This is what I found:



In this picture, you can see the "clip" that holds the piece that is gasketed and inserted into the water outlet. It seems as if it was somehow knocked and one side "unclipped" and the pressure eventually pushed it off.



This is a strange way to connect two items. Why introduce two different possible failure points in the design? (unless this hose is used in two different applications)


Well I carefully reclipped it together and reassembled the second portion as well. I pulled the drain plug, removed the surge tank cap and added some 50/50 mix of coolant/distilled water. Once it started to come out of the vent, I quickly put the cap back on the surge tank and then reinstalled the vent screw.

I again removed the cap, started the car, put the heat on high & set the fan to low and then monitored the coolant temp. The car never went over 200*F.


I took it for a ride, turned on the AC on high, went slow, brake torqued a little, still never went above 200*F. The faster I went, the cooler the engine due to the air flow.

More pics and info here if interested: Blasirl’s Build:
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