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Hi I have a Australian Cruze 2lt turbo diesel and want to add a boost controller and wastegate. Has anyone else done so or can give me any tips befor I get stuck into it. Cheers
Boost controllers aren't used too much any more as most modern vehicles can simply be tuned for higher boost levels (using the factory wastegate control solenoids). Boost controllers do potentially allow for faster spool-up, but that's typically only noticed on big turbo cars.

Also, no need for a wastegate, unless you meant BOV/BPV. Still... not really needed with the stock setup unless the factory one would leak under the increase in pressure (haven't heard of this on these cars). Or, of course, you're all about making a lot of noise and causing rich conditions between shifts.

If you're set on more power/boost, look into a Trifecta tune. I expect a Black Friday sale is on the horizon and will be finally pulling the trigger on getting one.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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