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I would suggest a tune (to bump the boost likely to be heard when it's released) and then a short ram intake (really lets you hear the turbo through the pipe). I was astounded at how well it could be heard after SRI, considering it was whisper quiet stock. Next I went with the ZZP downpipe (removes very restrictive stock DP and cat, gets a little more whistle and a nice blowoff noise). These mods also netted some serious torque and added much-needed driveability.

I had thought about BOV, but I see the need for retune and then a few more CELs that can often come with this switch. I'll probably go with the Forge BPV eventually, but stock wastegate seems to hold high boost well enough at the moment (~30psi). Heard of some CELs even with the Forge BPV, nothing serious, just would need to be tuned out.

Edit: see thread:

^^ free and gives you some noise/power/driveability
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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