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Just started last night coming home, 2012 2LT with manual heater.

Whistling noise was easy, wife is always playing with the vents, just at the point where it was not fully closed, closed or a tad open, whistling noise went away. First time for this after four some years.

Scraping was not, removed the cabin air filter, still nice and clean, and could put my have on the blower motor shaft. Was some forward and backward play. If I pulled it backwards and started the motor, would scrape, but pushing it forward, was just enough to make it quiet. Tip of the blower motor squirrel cage blower wheel was just making slight contact with an overhead plastic shroud.

This scrapping noise if very annoying and talk about an over tight tolerance that doesn't need to be.

Was going to pull the blower motor last night to see what I can do with it, but already too dark and too tired. What really throws me for a loop on this thing is to learn how to unsnap plastic parts without breaking them. So better be awake and fresh.

Adding cruise control to my daughter's new Kia Soul, was awake and fresh. Worse part was trying to take that steering wheel apart all snapped together without breaking anything. But it sure was super easy to snap the new parts in.

Looks like nobody gives a dam about maintenance anymore. Kids, Chrysler, Ford, and Hyundai products are the same way. 04 Cavalier was super easy, they used screws.

Am I complaining again?
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