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2014 LT program car, Pull Me Over Red, 1.4T Auto
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Hi all,

I have a Holden (Australia) 2011 JH cruze 1.4L with ALL the factory mods. Sat nav. Bluetooth. Touch screen. Usb. DVD/HDD/AUX. Etc
Original owner.

The bluetooth unit has disappeared. Its not that it wont connect or pair. I mean its gone.

I have checked the no1 - 10A fuse (hands free) under the dash and its serviceable. It also has power. The stereo still works. The sat nav works. Dvd/hdd etc works.
But the Bluetooth module appears to have failed?

Config/phone/bluetooth states "not available"
Config/phone/factory settings/restore factory settings - just hangs with a "please wait..." message.

Wireless remote still works fine.

The vehicle occasionally throws up a service vehicle soon message.
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But there are no codes in the computer and the car runs fine other than that.
I have previously repaired the pcv system with the gen 3 fix. Replaced almost all of the cooling system. Plus all of the other 1.4l standard issues... etc etc.

But this one has me stumped. Anyone have any advice of where to start or what else to test / try. I want to avoid buying a new unit until i know this one is U/S.

Thanks in advance.

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Welcome Back!(y)
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