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BNR 1.4T World Record [email protected]

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BNR went to the track today to test some prototype parts on the 3200LB Sonic (Yes you read that right, it weighs as much as a Cruze). Just broke the 1.4T 1/4 mile world record for both ET and MPH. #BNRMAFIA#BNRSKUNKWORKS

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Confused on the curb weight, but that doesn't reduce from how impressive that is on a 1.4T.

Sonic LTZ curb weight is 2900 pounds. I'm guessing driver and full tank are what make up the rest. So, still a lot lighter than a Cruze. A Cruze Gen1 starts at 3000 pounds for the Eco, which has a ton of weight shaving measures, and the other trims will clear 3200 pounds loaded.
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