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BNR Downpipe, K&N Intake, Trifecta EZ Cable

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Just sold my Cruze so looking to get rid of the aftermarket parts I pulled off of it, Paypal or Local cash only please.

Air intake part Auto part Muffler
Sold (Lower 48 states) on the K&N intake with filter

Automotive exhaust Metal Auto part Exhaust system
Sold(Lower 48 states) on the BNR downpipe with wideband 02 bung

Send me a PM or reply on this thread if you're interested, also willing to do deals on multiple items if you're local or shipping as well.


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Whats the best youd do shipped to b4n4b1 Canada on the downpipe?
It would be about 50-70$ extra to ship to Canada, so you'd be looking at over $200 USD to ship it which is what it costs brand new.
So I'm gonna bump this and remove the international shipping sorry guys quite expensive to ship up North.
I'm interested in the down pipe. But do i need a tune first?
Do you need a tune no, is it recommended yes.. I know that doesn't help much but since you're deleting a cat yes you will need to get tuned to remove the CEL but I ran with it for awhile and didn't have any performance issues or anything like that.
Just sold my Cruze
What did you replace the Cruze with?
What did you replace the Cruze with?
Edit: sorry 2014 GT mustang preimium
Very nice! Manual or Auto Trans? Nice upgrade!
manual of course :D
Good Choice!
How much louder did the downpipe make your car with the straightpipe catback?
How much louder did the downpipe make your car with the straightpipe catback?
Once you delete that first cat it sounds really good after I deleted the second one is sounded like ass. If you're gonna delete both cats stick with a muffler and probably a resonator.
bumpity bump new price marked down to $140 each shipped anywhere in the lower 48
Going to run a sale through the weekend $125 each shipped to your door, lower 48 states only get these off my hands and out of my garage @@
pm sent
Bumpity bump, 2 people interested in the k&n intake but all is fair game. Selling for $125 shipped (Lower 48) until Sunday and they go back up to $150 each.
awaiting paypal info for payment on the intake.
Sent info
1 - 20 of 26 Posts