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BNR intake manifold spacer for your 2016+ 1.4T/1.5T LE2/LFV.

Fits 2016+ Chevrolet Cruze Gen 2, Traverse, Equinox, Malibu, Buick Encore, 2020+ Vanderhall Venice Blackjack, 2020+ Vanderhall Venice, 2019+ Vanderhall Carmel.

This spacer adds volume to the air entering the cylinder head. This has been shown to aid in cylinder filling at lower RPM, smooth out throttle response, build boost sooner, and lengthen the effective wave pulse of the intake charge, which leads to more power in the low to mid range of the powerband. Made from billet aluminum to be legal for use in sanctioned motorsports, it also looks great under the hood.

Includes gasket and longer zinc plated bolts (corrosion resistant).

All hardware included
Builds boost sooner
Greatly improves throttle response
Smooths air entering the cylinders
Does not require any special tuning or retune
Legal for use in all sanctioned motorsports

Grab yours today! BNR 2016+ GM 1.4T/1.5T LE2/LFV Intake Manifold Spacer-BNR-LE

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