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BNR Intake Manifold Spacer AVAILABLE NOW!

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BNR is proud to offer our 2011+ GM LUJ/LUV intake manifold spacer, available as of NOW. Adds volume to the air entering the cylinder head, which aids in cylinder filling at low RPM. This smooths out throttle response, builds boost sooner, and MAKES MOAR HERSEPERS. Includes MAHLE gasket and longer manifold bolts (zinc plated to be corrosion resistant). In stock and ready to ship!

Fits: 2011-2016.5 Gen 1 Cruze 1.4T, All Sonic 1.4T, 2016-2019 Vanderhall Venice 1.4T, and anything else with a GM LUV/LUJ 1.4T engine.

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Ordered one, we’ll see how it works
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