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BNR is proud to announce our coil upgrade for your GM LUV/LUJ 1.4T! These coils are factory equipment on the C6 Corvette Z06 and 5th Gen Z/28 Camaro. Rated up to 45,000 volts, these coils produce more than twice the voltage/spark of your stock coil. Gone are the days of ripped plug boots, spark blow out, and weak spark!

This kit is 100% plug and play- no cutting or splicing needed. Simply plug in our adapter, flash the updated tune, and you're ready to rock.

Kit includes:

4 LS7 Ignition Coils (Price varies with coil choice)
4 Ignition Wires
1 BNR Coil Bracket
1 BNR Cover
1 BNR Ignition Harness
All mounting hardware

You can order here- BNR LS7 Coil Upgrade LUV-LUJ 1.4T

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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