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We wrapped up long term testing on our newest big turbo for the LE2 and given it a fitting name- the TD025R. This turbo is MASSIVE compared to the stock turbo and will support up to and maybe even over 280WHP. We've pushed one on an otherwise stock car to 30PSI of boost so far and seen over 30 Lb/Min at the MAF.

These turbos are made using a BRAND NEW Mitsubishi turbo core, not a used junk yard core. VSR balanced to over 200K RPM, we use the largest custom made wheels you can possibly fit in these housings. This is THE turbo to get for these cars. Direct swap. Full 12 month unlimited mile warranty.

Grab one TODAY at Black Friday Pricing: BNR TD025R Turbocharger-BNR-TD025R

Stock turbo on the left, TD025R on the right to show size comparison

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