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BNR/Trifecta/VTuner questions!

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So figure once I get the money Im Going to go with a Mild to Moderate Tune.Question is how reliable are these tunes? Anyone had any problems with any mentioned? How's each customer service? Which has the most reliable power? Any other info y'all have or opinions would be great fellers thank you.
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My experience so far is that there have not been tune-related failures on these vehicles in any frequency that we could point one tune to being more or less reliable than the other. That said, BNR will tune your vehicle to your preference. Jerry can get you an all-out performance tune, a daily tune, somewhere in between, or an eco tune. Of the three, I've never used vtuner (nor are they a supporting sponsor for this forum), but currently use my BNR tune (I have a Trifecta tune available as well), and prefer it due to the support and customization that Jerry offers.
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