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As you mentioned, you're looking for reliable power. This to me is a responsible amount of delivered power without going over the top. Too much power could cause components to fail that are not designed to handle that amount of power. Of course, any tune is going to do this to a certain extent and it's all about how you drive. I went with Trifecta with my Diesel Cruze (From what I've heard, gas model has different power outputs with Trifecta) because it has been proven effective with extensive testing. Even with that being said, I figured I'd post here anyway and share my experiences with it. Customer service has been great, I got mine for $100 off on the Black Friday Sale. I've sent in a few support tickets so far and have received helpful and informative replies within 12 hours. I've had no mechanical issues with my car since I've been running the tune. It delivers a good amount of power and with the transmission tune (automatics only of course) it smooths out shifting a lot.
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