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BNR Tune A+

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For quite a while I had my car tuned by trifecta, Went through the dark times of no reply, finally got a decent tune out of them.. but it always seemed to lack power compared to earlier versions.
After seeing a bunch of posts on the Facebook group, I made the jump to EfiLive with a custom BNR tune. My first impression after loading the base tune was complete surprise, I didn't think this little car would have the guts to break tires loose in 2nd gear on an auto transmission. I've been going back and forth with Jerry for fine tuning by logging and I have to say, This guy knows customer service. I had some minor issues that came up as it was being dialed in, as expected since I asked to push things a little bit, Sent off the email with log expecting to hear back in a few days, Only to see an update 30 mins later. While not typical, If you have an issue, He seems to almost go out of his way to make sure things are right in a timely fashion and to answer any questions you might have.

If you're looking for a tune, I highly suggest a custom BNR tune. You will not be disappointed.
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I know this is old and that may have been their way back at this date but im very disappointed in their customer service. I cant hardly get a reply from them. If i could get a refund i would. But i already got the autocal
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