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Howdy all. Kevin here.

Some of you over on the Cruzetalk Facebook page have seen me around, and I just wanted to take a minute to write a review for Bad News Racing.

I have a 2015 1LT 1.4L Turbo Cruze. And from day 1, I felt like it was a snail, no pun intended on the Turbo. I was looking around, and trying to figure out how to wake up my ride. Yes, I knew about Trifecta, but I wondered if there was another Tuner that was reliable. My Buddy Nick told me about Bad News Racing, and sent me over to their website to take a look.

After conversing with him about his car (far more modified than mine), and speaking briefly with Jerry(Owner and Tuner) from BNR, I decided to pull the trigger. Once I got my package, I got instructions inside, as well as any questions answered by Jerry that I had that may not have been clear. Once I took my scans of the stock Engine AND Transmission settings, and emailed them over to Jerry, he promptly got back to me with tweaks, and told me to scan them in. Literally all said and done. I got it, sent him the files, got revised files, and flashed back. No more than 30 minutes elapsed time.

Jerry, and Bad News Racing are a class act, and their customer service is very interactive. Highly recommended. If you need to re-tune, re-flash, add or remove components to your car, BNR can accommodate. They have tunes for the 1.4L Turbo and 1.8L N/A.

Stock 0-60 time 10.5-11 seconds. Stock 1/8 Mile time, 15 seconds.

Tuned 0-60 time, 8 seconds flat. Tuned 1/8 Mile Time, 11 seconds flat.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and if it has compelled you to pull the trigger, you won't regret it.

Welcome to Bad News Racing