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2013 Chevy Cruze 1.8L Manual Trans. Tune Review.

Hello Cruzetalk. I am writing this review to give the owners of the 1.8L cruze a review of a tune that I currently have and what tune I came from.

Currently, I am running a BNR Tune from Jerry Kinney. I am very impressed with this tune. I ran Trifectas tune on the 1.8 for 8 months before making the switch.

I am actually amazed and impressed to have noticed such a difference between the tune. With the trifecta tune i would experience hesitation at WOT at around 4-5K RPM, then it would push through the rest of the RPM range. The throttle was super sensitive. It was like, 20% Pedal was 100% power. I honestly did not want to do anything else to my car with the trifecta tune. Sure it was better then stock in a sense, but didn't leave much hope in improvements. I live 50 Miles from Nashville and the best MPG that i got was 32 MPG for that trip. (Starting Highway cruising speed to Ending Highway Crusing speed) To switchback and forth from stock tune and to trifectas tune would seem like it could take anywhere from 10-15 MINUTES to load. It was crazy. I honestly was not to impressed with trifecta.

Now, with the BNR tune (Tuned VIA HPTUNERS) the car is far more consistent through out the entire RPM Range, no more hesitation at 4-5K. Feels 10x smoother and after driving 8 months with trifecta, i was actually able to notice a difference in power. I made the same trip from Clarksville to Nashville and was able to average 37 MPG in 90 degree weather. The pedal feel is more consistent and feels as if you have more control of how much gas your actually trying to put down. The tune loaded within minutes and i can switch back and forth between stock tune and performance tune in minutes. (Literally, takes less then 2 minutes to load the tune). I now have some good feels about wanting to spend more money on performance just to see what we can squeeze out of this sucker and I know Jerry will be there to make things happen when it comes around. His customer service is top notch and he will respond to you in a timely manner.

If interested in getting a tune, i HIGHLY ENCOURAGE and SUGGEST for ALL your tuning needs.

If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up!
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