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i have a 2014 cruze with a gtx250 turbo,bnr wastegate,forge recirculating valve, brand new intercooler,60lb injectors, flex fuel, tuned threw bnr,catch can, ported intake manifold, intake manifold spacer, throttle body spacer, and bnr valve springs. I just fixed a problem with my recirculating valve it was blown so i got the forged one and than now my car wont boost pass 10psi it slowly got lower and lower it wasn't going above 18psi last week. I changed out the intercooler, charge pipe, intercooler pipe off turbo (hot side),02 sensors, spark plugs (gapped to .022) it idles really rough sometimes and you can somewhat hear almost backfiring at idle. I'll put a few logs attached to this any help is apricated.
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