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bored and looking at exhaust as a future mod.

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well car is a little quiet

need to know how the exhaust setup is, stock what size, and location of muffler on my 14 ls i dont have a way to look under the car i havent tried it though. i am tempted to cut the muffler off to see how it sounds inside and out. but bolting it back up is another thing... i will keep the cat and resonator stock and in place. i am hoping it wont be super loud inside the car, i run 2500-3k rpms on the highway, and right now i love being able to have a conversation and plus no drone, before with the 96 you could forget about talking and long trips it was a killer but i had 5" straight pipe sounded great while idling and at redline. before with the 3.5 straight it was manageable.

i think this is cool, if i went with this i would cut a hole in the rear bumper and that would be my tip thing looks cool. Search Inlet/Outlet i am thinking about it but it would be like running straight pipe due to its a race muffler.

also what about these?
Flowmaster HP-2 PERFORMANCE MUFFLERS would be a better option.
SUPER 44 SERIES FLOWMASTER DELTA FLOW MUFFLERS (had this on my 89 ram expect mine was off road series same thing but it had a diamond plate housing. it sounded good but i ended up running straight pipe later on) would this fit? i got the muffler from that truck still just got to neck it down to the size i need) i think the one i got is 3" maybe or around that. hope it will fit so it will save me some coin and if i dont like it well i am not out anything just time. i believe its offset in, center out.

well let me know what yall think. i prefer sticking with flowmaster due to me and my dad ran them he had them on a v6 chevy 1500 that sounded decent and aggressive (2 chamber), he has it on his 02 avalanche v8 and he has a 3 chamber, its nice and aggressive outside but little drone inside
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well i found out i can fit somewhat under the car, first off factory muffler looks like it will choke the engine, exhaust goes in, gets sent though the muffler and back out the same side. i didnt have a my tape measure, so i couldnt get exact size and length but got a rough measure using my galaxy s4 (phone) i found out it took 3 and a half. and came up with 18.76" long width i dont know. now the muffler i got may fit in that hole over all is 19". if so thats great due to that would mean less figuring on how to route it. but lack of supports there.
Factory system flows pretty good for the factory specs. Not sure of the 1.8, but the 1.4T pre cat clinging onto the turbo was the choke point. There are a few YouTube videos(blocked on this computer) that have 1.8 deleting that last muffler leaving the mid pipe one in placas as well and ditching them both. The mid pipe one usually does the most NVH sound cancelation so deleting the rear one usually give you decent but bearable sound levels on "most cars" out there.
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