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bored and looking at exhaust as a future mod.

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well car is a little quiet

need to know how the exhaust setup is, stock what size, and location of muffler on my 14 ls i dont have a way to look under the car i havent tried it though. i am tempted to cut the muffler off to see how it sounds inside and out. but bolting it back up is another thing... i will keep the cat and resonator stock and in place. i am hoping it wont be super loud inside the car, i run 2500-3k rpms on the highway, and right now i love being able to have a conversation and plus no drone, before with the 96 you could forget about talking and long trips it was a killer but i had 5" straight pipe sounded great while idling and at redline. before with the 3.5 straight it was manageable.

i think this is cool, if i went with this i would cut a hole in the rear bumper and that would be my tip thing looks cool. Search Inlet/Outlet i am thinking about it but it would be like running straight pipe due to its a race muffler.

also what about these?
Flowmaster HP-2 PERFORMANCE MUFFLERS would be a better option.
SUPER 44 SERIES FLOWMASTER DELTA FLOW MUFFLERS (had this on my 89 ram expect mine was off road series same thing but it had a diamond plate housing. it sounded good but i ended up running straight pipe later on) would this fit? i got the muffler from that truck still just got to neck it down to the size i need) i think the one i got is 3" maybe or around that. hope it will fit so it will save me some coin and if i dont like it well i am not out anything just time. i believe its offset in, center out.

well let me know what yall think. i prefer sticking with flowmaster due to me and my dad ran them he had them on a v6 chevy 1500 that sounded decent and aggressive (2 chamber), he has it on his 02 avalanche v8 and he has a 3 chamber, its nice and aggressive outside but little drone inside
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i have heard 1.4 on youtube and they really dont sound that
i really dont plan on doing much with this car, just exhaust and a drop in air filter. who knows i may just run the flowmaster. if it sounds decent. at cruzing rpms but gonna try and figure out how to run that. gonna have to have a reducer and i assume that autozone sales it.

i am liking that jegs cutout, with the butterfly in the middle. i plan on adding it right near the stock muffler. or behind the rear axle.

i plan on running that flowmaster in the future. when i get the E cutout.

hey if i wanted to cut the exhaust to run straight pipe where would the best spot to do it so if i hate it i can fix it up right and not have to rig it to make it worth it. looking at my pic by the rear tire seems good enough. i am thinking when i get the E cutout. i plan on putting it where the rear tire is. that way i could run the pipes the way i want. the flowmaster will be put where the tip is. and stock exhaust will be routed somehow.

i dont mind buying a different muffler but that flowmaster is free pretty much.
Just a reply for future readers. I have bought a cutout from amazon around 100 usd then deleted secondary cat placed cut out after o2 and cross support beam with a turn down away from fuel lines and heat shield. The sound is amazing. Next a cherry bomb m80. 1.8 and away…
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