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Hi guys,

Never posted to this site but I’m having such a hard time finding the answers I need and I’m hoping that someone out there has had or has successfully fixed the problem I’m currently having.

My system is decent for a stock stereo. It could be much better though. I like loud music and because of that I have blown the rear deck speakers (since that happened, I have disconnected them because they sound horrible). I have been trying to figure out how to replace them with non Bose speakers but I’m starting to think I’m not going to be able to unless I spend a ton of money. The more I read about the system I have, the more difficult it’s sounding.

Right now I’m just trying to figure out what a good after market speaker would be that would work with the Bose amp I have.

I can fix or change mostly anything when it comes to my car, however, electrical work is not my area. So any advise would be helpful.
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