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Bose Speaker Rattle

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I have just shy of 7,000 miles on my 17' Cruze with the Bose package. Over the first few thousand miles the system sounded pretty good. Decent bass and sound out of the system. (when over half volume) Over the last few weeks both passenger side door speakers rattle really bad making everything sound pretty bad. It's worse with some bass notes than others. I can't tell if it's the speakers themselves that are having issues, or if it's the door panels rattling, but it's a very loud rattling from both door/speakers that's louder than the actual music at times. Has anyone else experienced this with their Bose Cruze? Our LT with the standard system does not have this rattle at all. It's disappointing that it sounds like this already with such low miles. The Verano I had prior with the Bose system still sounded like new when I traded it in with almost 50K miles on it.
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No issues on mine with 16K/1 year in. Occasionally my girlfriend will leave something in the door pocket that rattles, but that's about it.

I do have a weird rattle/creak from over the B-pillar on the passenger side, though.

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The door speakers on my 2016 with Sun and Sound have tabs on top that lock into the door, a spring clip on the bottom, and a sheet metal screw with a 7mm head next to the spring clip, so they cannot possibly come loose unless the screw is missing. When I switched speakers to put my original speaker in my new driver's door, the spring clip was so stiff I thought the speaker was glued in. I took the screw out and the speaker was still firmly attached.

Like JB said, could be something in the door pocket or something else loose inside the door.
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