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Bought a Cruze. First new car ever! :-)

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I bought my first new car. The Cruze is helping out Ohio's economy (where I'm from) so I wanted to give some support back! I love the car. Very happy with it! Got the RS version. I love the front. Land vehicle Vehicle Chevrolet cruze Car Chevrolet
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Welcome to CruzeTalk and congrats on your new Cruze.
Nice, welcome to Cruze Talk. What part of Ohio are you from?

Thanks :) I grew up in the Akron/Canton area but I've also lived in Cleveland, Youngstown, and I'm currently in Columbus!
Congrats on your new Cruze. What year is your new Cruze?
One of the big reasons for me purchasing a Cruze was it was made in Ohio (my grandfather used to be a plant foreman at the Moraine GM plant) Welcome to CT and glad to have another central Ohio Cruzer
Welcome to the forum. I'm curious to see your post in this thread. :confused: Explain your user name
Congrats and Welcome!
Congrats, thanks for your support, and welcome to the club!

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Sure seems to be quite a few from Ohio on the forums :)
Welcome! Congrats on the purchase. Hope to see you around here more!
Welcome to the forum!
Thanks all! Its 2012 but it was new. Got a way better deal than they offered on 2013 so I went with the 2012. I'm in love with it!
Welcome!!!! Thank you for supporting Lordstown. Although my nuclear family isn't from there, my extended family resides in Youngstown / Warren / Sharon, PA area and they are so relieved to see the economy picking up down there! It is good to see so many people showing support for a strong American product and that it actually matters to them!
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Well congrats on your new purchase of your new cruze. I believe you will love it alot. Now youngstown isnt too far from Lordstown is it? I bought my cruze directly from GM. Funds right out of my banking account =]. Im actually coming to ohio next spring to visit GM while im on the road going to daytona beach, FL for a weeks long races and much needed fun lol. Im from Iowa btw..
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