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Bought a Dash Cam for the Cruze

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I decided I wanted a dash cam on the Cruze. We're taking a vacation the end of this month and I thought it was a good idea to have one. I watched a Fox News item where there was a terrible 2 car roll-over crash deliberately caused by a road rage woman driver. The dash cam video should be enough to put that girl in jail for quite a long time...vehicular attempted murder? It would be good to have if you were not the party at fault, of course, but...if you were at fault, you don't have to tell anyone you had a dash

I finally decided on the HD DASH CAM MINI 0801 and found it on eBay for $94. It has great daytime video quality and acceptable night time recording. It will record 6 hours of video and also has a GPS locator function that works with GOOGLE maps when you download to your computer. Yeah, you could keep track of your favorite person's whereabouts if you wanted to. Conceal it and don't tell them it's on the car. It includes a small viewer and it's very concealable because of it's small size. I'm excited to get it and try it out.

Has anyone had experience with these devices?
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Please do share your experience with it. I've been looking at one myself for quite some time now and I can't find one that I like.
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Techmoan did a very in depth video review of the 0801. It looks pretty solid. REVIEW: Mini DVR 0801 The Smallest 1080p LCD Car …: I've been wanting one but haven't pulled the trigger yet.

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I bought this lil guy a couple weeks ago for my truck. Going out on job sites and stuff gets pretty sketchy sometimes. Does a pretty good job, the macroblocking isn't near as bad as they make it out to be with this. I bought it cause it's got tons of storage and wifi upload is awesome and quick. They make a dual camera set-up as well but isnt rated nearly as good.

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Ha, don't forget about that spy box in your vehicle, big brother is watching your every move. With this knowledge, really slowed down.

If it takes me a hundred hours to get there, it takes a hundred hours.
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I would also like to video some morons on the road.

I wouldn't mind having one of these to watch our cleaning crew at work. I swear somebody is finding keys and taking stuff from our "snack shop" at work and locking back up. Things are disappearing too fast! Also sometimes I swear I lock my desk and I come back and it is unlocked. The desk has a "universal key". they never take anything out of my desk since it is not immediately visible. I have a box with @$75. Above that I have @ $3 in change. The change would be obvious if they took it so they leave it alone. HD CAR DVR Rear View Mirror G SENSOR 32GB SD card accident camera video recorder HDVR-150: Automotive

I have that one in my car, its also a rear view mirror which is nice, and very discreet.
It has good video quality, and you can change the quality depending on how long you want your videos to be. It automatically records videos at 5 minute intervals to keep file sizes down and when it fills up the sd card it just starts recording over the previous files.

The sound quality is decent as well, if you've ever wanted to know what your mechanics or car wash buddies talk about behind closed doors this is your man xD

I should add that this one comes with an SD card and the price on amazon is always changing, I've seen it as low as $99
I've considered almost all of the Cams mentioned in your posts. I knew there were some issues with the one I chose, but it's very highly rated along with some of the others mentioned.

I honestly think it would be awesome if GM put a universal power socket in the rear view mirror...not a cigarette lighter type, just a small plug. There's 12 volt power in there already for the OnStar and other stuff, etc. I bet it wouldn't be impossible to add 12V power from the interior light/sunroof console. I may try that mod some day or just solder the power cord to the available 12 volt source for the interior lights....hmmmmm. It would be nice for dash cams and radar detectors.
I have the Eprance Mini 0801 in my Cruze. I think this is the same one you ordered. I have had it about a month now, and it works great. Excellent video. Turns on and off with the car. At first it was interfering with the tire pressure monitor system. I found the solution to this in another thread on this site, You may need to add a ferrite bead to the power cable right before it goes into the camera. I added two just to be sure and haven't had a problem with the TPMS since. You can get them on Amazon for a few bucks. I also added a small piece of plastic around the the top of the lens to act as a lens hood that blocks the glare in the evenings when I am driving toward the sun. Make sure to clean the lens. I forgot to do this and it made the image look a little blurry. It looked great after I cleaned the lens.
I've had the dash cam in place now for more than a month, I guess and it's doing exactly as it was advertised to do...go figure! At first, I took it inside the house and checked the video several times in a week and the video quality was awesomely good both day and night. However, it's a little boring watching the videos of where you've Now, if there was a significant event you thought you captured, it would be much more interesting. It turns off after 10 seconds without power (has an internal battery) and it appears to have captured everything and every place the car has been in the last 6 hours or so...awesome and may prove to be a valuable asset in the event of an incident.

Oh, problems with the TPMS interference as another poster mentioned.
Nice, thanks for the update. I've been wanting to get a dash cam :)

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