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Bought a new friend for my Rubicon

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Hey guys, just bought a 2012 cruze eco MT to save a little gas and get a smoother ride down the interstate rather than driving the rubicon everywhere. I've found this cruze is so fun to drive I haven't touched the jeep in a week. I bought my cruze with 17k miles on it so it still feels and looks like a very new car. I'm still exploring the car and I'm sure questions will arise so being used to the thousands of wrangler forums I was happy to see such a nice cruze one. :eusa_clap:
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Welcome to the forums
Awesome! I have a 90 Toyota P/U that I use to drive everywhere. Now I take the Cruze, even though its my wife's DD, whenever I can. Since I walk to work, my truck gets very little use. Anyway, welcome.
CruzeWisco, hello and welcome to the forum! Glad to have you here. There are so many owners on this site that if you ever need help or advise on anything, someone will have the answers. Feel free to reach out if you ever needed anything.
Not noticing any interchange between my Supra and after I drove in a new Cruze to keep it company. I am thinking its racial since the Supra is black and the Cruze is white.

So far, no fights.
Welcome and congrats.
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