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Bought The Wife a 2013 Ford Focus SE

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Hi all. First off I am a very happy owner of a 2013 Cruze LS. I love my car, no complaints at all. Well the wife needed a new car and was going to just get her a Cruze but instead I decided to add some variety to our lives so we went with a Focus.

The Focus is a nice car. Drives well and has more power than my LS. Interior wise the Cruze is much nicer in my opinion. A bit roomier and better looking. Much bigger trunk on the Cruze also. Have not spent much time driving the Focus yet so these are early impressions.

Just thought I would post these early comparisons if anyone is interested.
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Pretty much just the SE package.
Pretty much just the SE package.
What options are on the SE package?

Sorry don't know that much about fords.
Oh, no problem at all. Auto DCT, cruise, air, blue tooth, sync, power windows, and others I can't think of off the top of my head. Very much like a Cruze LS.
What options are on the SE package?

Sorry don't know that much about fords.
Focus: S, SE, Titanium, ST, Electric (and SE/Titanium have hatch versions)
Cruze: LS, LT, Eco, LTZ, Diesel

So LS=S, LT=SE, LTZ=Titanium, Diesel/Eco=Electric, (if they ever make a Cruze SS)=ST. I think the Cruze LS fits right between the Focus S and SE. I think the S has less features than a Cruze LS, but the SE has as much as a Cruze LT, or pretty close.
Well she doesn't have anything that my LS doesn't have. They are pretty much identically equipped.
I saw an optional SE appearance package, which I assume is like a Cruze RS package. The Focus S nor Cruze LS have an option like that.
Not a 2013, but a 2012, wife is the sweetest quietest woman I have ever met. But when she test drove a Focus, told the salesman, I don't like this car. Their was nothing that pushy salesman could say to change her mind.

To be perfectly fair on this subject, had the same opinion on the Ls. Now the 2LT, that was her baby. She was also a diehard Toyota person, when we visited a Toyota dealer, said let's get out of here, I don't see anything I like.
Did you get the hatchback version?
The H/B and ST are the only two reasons I'd consider a Focus.
I liked the Focus better than the Mazda3 (mainly the engine), but it was at the very bottom of my list.

The Cruze and Elantra were at the top of my list...til I tossed around the Elantra a little bit on windy roads. I came away unimpressed and began looking at midsize cars instead.

Then the Cruze became available in a manual in 2012. My curiosity was sparked again.
Sedan. Wife has something against hatchbacks. Not sure what.
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